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Trademark Registration In Trichy

Our reputed Solubilis Professionals are here in Trichy to impart all kind of Trademark Registration assistance. We are also available in Madurai, Coimbatore, Chennai, Salem, Karur, Tirupur, Kanchipuram and all over India to register your trademark and lend a hand to Business proprietors to fulfil your financial and industrial requirements. Before filing Trademark, our registration process starts with an Industry Expert trademark Attorney to make sure whether the opted trademark is ready to avail and how to proceed further towards prosperity. We are saving you lot of time and very cautious in analyzing various aspects of trademark registration before filing. Documents will be prepared and verified by trademark experts; not by other operators since it is not a fill in the blanks kind of form. We impart an expert in creating strong base for the trademark to get registered.


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Application phase

The trademark application is prepared and filed in a way that meets all the adequate necessary requirements which will be examined by the trademark officer.

Review phase

The filed trademark application waits in queue until it is assigned to a trademark examining attorney and he will be reviewing the filed application.

Office action

The trademark attorney will issue an office action if any mis-happenings that takes place in the application and he suggests strategies to overcome the office action.

Notice of publication

After the approval by trademark attorney, the office of the trademark will pass a notice of publication in the official gazette of the trademark.

Notice of certificate of registration

The trademark office will issue a allowance notice. During this time, the applicant must file a statement of use to proceed with the registration process.

Ongoing trademark maintenance

After the final trademark registration , the main thing to be focussed is the maintenance of the trademark. Constantly moniter to prevent from infringers.

Advantages in registering a trademark

  • Invisible asset (Intangible property)
  • Licensing for legal proceedings
  • Trust and Goodwill
  • Right to use the badge ® or "R"
  • Constitutional Conservation
  • Geological coverage
  • Worldwide Business expansion
  • Brand value
  • Exclusive Rights for goods and services.
  • Precaution or security

Features of trademark registration

  • The sound marks and 3-D marks can be registered.
  • E- Filing and provisions pertaining to well known mark is promoted.
  • Individual fees structure for small and medium manufacturing enterprises as well as service sectors.
  • Expedited processing of application.
  • Hearing via video conference.
  • E service of documents and reduced adjournments.
  • Power of Attorney is recommended.
  • The registration is valid for 10 years from the date of application.

Requirements for trademark registration

  • Applicant name, address and nationality (Partner's name if available)
  • Name of the trading company- company or state of incorporation.
  • List of goods or services for which the trademark is applied for.
  • Non- English words requires English translation.
  • Date of first use of the trademark in India.
  • Power of Attorney by the applicant on the authorization Form TM-48 in stamp paper
  • Private or Public company should furnish Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • 20 labels of trademark logo in lettering style.

Usually, a mark consist of a word, signature, device, letter, numeral, brand, heading, label and shape of the goods. The marks are indicative of the kind, quality, purpose, quantity, value or geographical origin of the goods. A trademark also symbolizes the name of a person living or dead.

Yes, after filing a trademark application, the examiner who is assigned will hunt the trademark registry records to determine the conflict between the mark of your application and other applications.

The examiner will refuse registration if the mark is hardly descriptive or mis- descriptive or geographically descriptive of the goods or services.

Yes, a Registered mark for an registered application can be transferred or sold which is registered in the Indian trademark registry.

It is difficult to predict, since it involves many factors in the registration process. Ordinarily, the trademark applicant will receive a filing receipt approximately after 20 days and should receive a response within 6 to 7 months from the date of filing the application.

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