Can I put TM on my logo without registering? – Trademark Registration in Trichy

Can I put TM on my logo without registering?

A trademark is a visual portrayal of a name, word, mark, gadget, or numeric character used to recognize it from its merchandise and/or other comparable products and/or administrations got from different organizations. A trademark fills in as a one of a kind recognizable proof of merchandise and/or administrations that an individual offers/sells from other such products/administrations. Can I put TM on logo without registering? – Trademark Registration in Trichy is what we are going to be discussed in this article.


When a trademark is enlisted it is a theoretical resource or licensed innovation for the business that is utilized to get the organization’s interest in the brand

Trademark Registration should be possible once the trademark has been indicated for the labor and products gave. Offered trademarks that are something very similar or like the current enrolled trademarks can’t be enlisted. Likewise, trademarks that are misleading, normal, hostile, comparative, have extraordinarily ensured things, and so on, can’t be enrolled.

In India, trademarks are enlisted by the Controller General of Patent Plan and Trademarks, Service of Business and Industry, Legislature of India. Trademarks in India are enrolled under the Trademarks Act, 2016 and approve the trademark proprietor with the option to guarantee harms when the trademark is abused.

After registration of the trademark, the ‘R’ image can be utilized by the proprietor and said trademark registration will be legitimate for a fixed time of 10 years. Notwithstanding, enlisted trademarks, which terminate, can be effortlessly restored by applying for a trademark reestablishment application for an all-encompassing time of over 10 years.

Benefits of trademark registration

The greatest benefit of being an enlisted trademark is having the option to ensure one’s brand just as one’s business by giving sympathy to one’s business. Also, having a solid brand guarantees as an immediate connection between the client and the item that they are trusted and for all time occupied with the business.

There are numerous different benefits, for instance

A trademark registration is acceptable and offers credit to the wellspring of the assistance. An enrolled trademark ensures great quality and administration. Enrolled trademarks aid the promotion of merchandise just as administrations.

Significance of trademark registration

As it is obvious from the above the fact that it is so helpful to enroll a trademark while maintaining a business, let us presently comprehend the significance of registration:

A TM gives a particular character

Since the time the market has seen a developing horde of organizations and brands it has verged on having the effect between them incomprehensible. Along these lines, the lone outline between organizations for eliteness to pull in clients to stand apart is to get an enrolled trademark for one’s brand and therefore upgrade the business notoriety on it.

A TM won’t ever end

Trademark registration in trichy as referenced above accompanies a legitimacy of 10 long years which can be restored effectively at regular intervals before lapse and hence, the trademark is alive or the trademark can last more!

TM the safeguard works

It is crucial for each business person to guarantee that their brand is secured against rivalry. Presently, if an individual is attempting to make a trademark that is now an enlisted trademark by an individual, he not just loses business and generosity around there, yet additionally loses the comfort of disallowing others from utilizing a similar trademark. Along these lines, securing the trademark will ensure the trademark/business, which further aides the individual by keeping others from utilizing a similar trademark.

A TM is affordable

The expense of trademark registration is a one-time cost. Also, the span and cycle of trademark registration has been diminished agreeably. It presently requires a half year to 1 year to deal with a trademark registration application.

Also, when a trademark is enlisted, it is substantial for a time of 10 years which can be effortlessly restored like clockwork before the termination of the trademark.

TM Is a resource

An enrolled trademark is an ideal resource for a business/brand/organization that straightforwardly gets back generosity. Subsequently, trademark attractive quality twists with exchange development. Truth be told, an enlisted trademark can be sold, moved or bought or even utilized as a security to acquire an advance that is equivalent to some other substantial resource.

What are the various kinds of trademark units in India?

In India, for instance, logo, name, word mark just as gadget mark, trademark registration should be possible in numerous kinds. Thus, the choice to enroll a trademark as a word mark or logo is a truly troublesome one.

Word mark

This is the most effortless of the other accessible trademarks, a word mark, for instance, demonstrates the brand name, Geo or Britannia has just trademarked the word, known as the word mark.

A word image enrolls this word. When a trademark has been enrolled for a word mark, the candidate has the full option to utilize and address the word in any organization or textual style that gives it extensive insurance including the select privileges of the entire word and depicts it in various arrangements notwithstanding. Its style for all labor and products identified with the symbol.


The contrary logo gives the trademark holder rights in a blend of pictures, words, and a composite plan. For instance, Nike, Adidas and so forth Furthermore, if the business logo is verifiably perceived by the watchers/clients, the candidate will need to document a trademark registration for that specific logo.

Giving words in the logo image is disallowed when contrasted with standard word marks as the rights to the logo are just totally legitimate. So if an individual needs to enroll a distinctively planned look or association of words and plans, it is fitting to enlist the trademark as a logo.

Logo joint imprint

Generally a business brand name incorporates the two words just as a logo. For instance, Jack and Jones (a worldwide attire producer) has a mind boggling logo composite image, which likewise remembers the arrangement of his mark for the rear of his pants. Furthermore, the most ideal approach to ensure protected innovation in such circumstances is to document the trademark registration as both a word mark just as a logo. However, recording different trademark applications is an exorbitant undertaking, so it is constantly prescribed to enlist the trademark as a word mark.

A different trademark application for the word just as the logo should be documented to accomplish an extensive standing. Be that as it may, for amateurs, it may not be pricey. Subsequently, it is suggested that the trademark be enrolled as a word mark, giving the candidate the most noteworthy conceivable assurance against any likely encroachment.